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with Heetch

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Minimum price

Get around the city with the most affordable prices.

Always available

To go to work or a concert... Heetch takes you everywhere 24/7

Pay in cash or by card

You know the fare in advance and you pay by cash or card.

A team always available

The Heetch team is available everyday to assist you in any trouble.

100% professional drivers

All of our drivers are VTC professionals. Validated by the Heetch Team and by all our passengers.

100% Made in France

Heetch is the only 100% french platform in the market. We pay our taxes in France.

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Safety is our top

Professional drivers

All of our drivers are professionals. We meet all of them in person, and we meticulously check every necessary document before registering any of them on our platform.

Before driving with Heetch, each driver must provide us with all of the legal documents required to be a licensed driver.

See the list of documents below.

Required documents

  • Acceptable valid identification: a valid passport or permanent resident card
  • A valid French driver's license (front and back)
  • A driver profile photo
  • VTC Card VTC (front and back)
  • KBIS or Siren or INSEE number
  • Professional civil liability
  • Certificate of inscription to VTC register
  • Traffic Civil Liability
  • GNI

your identity

For privacy reasons, all calls made through the app are anonymous. Passengers and drivers telephone numbers are replaced by temporary telephone numbers that expire after 24 hours from the ride.

24/7 customer support

After any ride, we ask passengers and drivers to asses one another. This feedback allows us to improve our service, detect poor behaviors on the platform and help create an excellent experience for both our drivers and passengers. Our customer service team processes all rides and comments in real-time.

You can join us through the app at any time, using the "Help" menu.

You can also contact us right now here.

Where are we?


Paris, Lille, Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse, Strasbourg and Marseille.




Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech