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Heetch: the VTC that keeps everyone moving. Our mission at Heetch is to make mobility accessible to as many people as possible. We offer a quality transport service wherever we operate, with prices that allow as many people as possible to benefit from it and a commission that allows drivers to earn a living from their work. We embody joyful, optimistic and colorful mobility.

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Stock Options

We offer stock options (french BSPCE) for all team members to share more than a simple ride. No matter how cool the ride is, you’re incentivized to the long-term success of the company!


The entire company meets once a year in a cool spot - Morocco, French Riviera in the past couple of years. Where next? We also have team retreats when an important project requires focus and everyone in the room.

Keep learning

You are encouraged to attend conferences to stay up-to-date with your professional field and you have a dedicated budget to do it!

Spotify subscription

We think the better the music, the better the work… Whether you are Hip-hopper, a jazz fan or deep-house build the playlist you enjoy to spend the best day at work.


Because we know that sometimes you prefer to work from home rather than the office!

Heetch credits

And of course, we provide you with Heetch credits every month to enjoy unexpected moments with your friends!

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